(Paleo “Ancient” Hebrew)Yahuah


The letters pictured above is the Paleo or “Ancient” Hebrew way of spelling the Creator’s Name. In Greek, it is referred to as the “Tetragrammaton” meaning “four letters.” The letters in Hebrew are Yod, Hey, Uau, Hey (יהוה). In English they are “YHWH” or “YHUH,” pronounced (YAH-OO-AH) Yahuah. Just as the tribe of Judah or “Yahudah,” is pronounced Yah-OO-Dah. The only difference in the two is the insertion of the dalet or “d.”

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There has been much debate as to the pronunciation of the Name of the Father. The most commonly accepted pronunciations are Yahweh and Jehovah. In our study of Hebrew, we have found that the Hebrew letter “Uau” makes the “oo” sound. It does not make the sound of  the English letter “W” (wah) nor the letter “V” (vah). To see an example of how to pronounce the Father’s Name, you can take a look at a few regular Hebrew names, names of the prophets or even apostles. Most of their names contained part of the Father’s name. They were named for a specific purpose.

Yasha-Yahu is Isaiah. It means “Salvation of Yah.” Yirme-Yahu is Jeremiah. It means “Exultation of Yah.” Eli-Yahu is Elijah. It means “My El is Yahuah”. Mattith-Yahu is Mathew. It means “Gift of Yah.”  Yahu-dah is Judah. It means “Yah be Praised.” They are not pronounced Yasha-Yahweh, Yirme-Yahweh, Eli-Yahweh or certainly not Yahweh-udah. When its used as a suffix or prefix it is pronounced Yahu. As far as the “J” in Jehovah,  it was unknown in any alphabet until the 14th century. The root word “hovah” or “avah” in Hebrew means “wicked or perverse.” If you took the letter “J” off and added a “Y” to be “Yehovah”, it still would not be the letters contained in the Father’s true Name. Yahuah Elohim is intertwined in all of His creation. The “El” of Elohim is also in the name of angels, prophets, apostles and many others dedicated to the Most High. We will touch on that topic in a later discussion.

 Our ministry calls the Father and the Son by their Ancient Names entrusted to the Israelites.  Mosheh (Moses) was commanded to teach the people Yahuah’s Laws and Right-Rulings. He first taught the people the Name of the One who sent him. As mentioned above, in Hebrew, names have meanings or a purpose. The Father’s Name means “self-existent”, “to be” or “who is.” When Yahuah said “I am that which I am” (ahayah Asher ahayah, in Hebrew), He was simply saying “The self-existing One who is, has sent you.” When you think about it, it’s actually quite poetic!

“Thus you are to say to the children of Yisra’el, Yahuah Elohim of your fathers, the Elohim of Abraham, the Elohim of Issac, and the Elohim of Jacob, has sent me to you. This is My Name forever, and this is My remembrance to all generations.” Shemoth/Exodus 3:15


(Paleo “Ancient” Hebrew)


The Son’s Name is spelled “YHWSHA” or “YHUSHA.” The Hebrew letters are Yod, Hey, Uau, Shin, Ayin (יהושע). It is pronounced YAH-OO-SHA. Yahusha has meaning to His Name as well. It was taken from the root word “Yasha” meaning salvation. He was sent as a Savior for the world. Yahu-sha simply means  “Yah is Salvation” or “Yahuah Saves.”  If we believe in the Son we then believe in the One who sent Him. “And there is no deliverance in anyone else, for there is no other Name under the shamayim (heavens) given among men by which we need to be saved.” Ma’aseh/Acts 4:12. Some have said it to be Yesh-shua. The root word “shua” means to “cry out”. This pronunciation is the post-Babylonian. After the Hebrew kingdoms were divided under the reign of Rehoboam into the Northern and Southern tribes, they later went into captivity. While in captivity, they were commanded to learn the languages of their oppressors. After merging the Hebrew language with the pagan dialect, it became what we commonly hear today.

While in captivity, the oppressors would mock the “God of the Hebrews,” by telling them to cry out to their deity for help. It was Yahuah who placed them there, so their cries would  have been ignored until their punishment was completed. To keep their oppressors from mocking the great Name of Yahuah, they decided to forbid it from being spoken aloud. Even though they had great intentions, the people eventually forgot how to say the Mighty Name, except for a select few. Yahusha’s Name being changed to Yeshua is a perfect example of the enemy trying to keep the people immerged in deception. What better way to deceive the people, than to make them think they are truly worshiping, when in fact they had been lied to. Like mentioned in Ma’aseh/Acts, there is no other name in which we will be saved! Satan is a deceiver. He is very clever, so watch out for his subtle tricks!



Satan has managed to creep in and steal the worship of the Father Yahuah. His Name is a memorial for all generations! There is Power in the Name of Yahuah and Yahusha. When we pray to the Father through the Son, we then know He hears our petitions.

Our mission is to share the Truth of Yahuah to all who have an ear to hear what the Ruach Ha’ Qodesh (Holy Spirit) has to say to the people of Elohim. We want to uproot the false teachings that has led so many astray. As the saying goes, “I once was in darkness, but now I see!” We all have a part in sharing the Good News. Traditions of men have tainted the Truth intended by Yahuah. It has led many into darkness and false beliefs, and have given them a false sense of security. Leaders have a responsibility to teach Yahuah’s Truths, but most have fallen away due to the lusts of the flesh and greed.

“Woe to the shepherds destroying and scattering the sheep of My pasture!” declares Yahuah. Therefore thus said Yahuah Elohim of Yisra’el against the shepherds who feed My people, “You have scattered My flock, driven them away, and have not tended them. See, I am punishing you for the evil of your deeds,” declares Yahuah. “Therefore I shall gather the remnant of My flock out of all the lands where I have driven them, and shall bring them back to their fold. and they shall bear an increase.” “And I shall raise up shepherds over them and they shall feed them. And they shall fear no more, nor be discouraged,  nor shall they be lacking,” declares Yahuah. “See, the days are coming,” declares Yahuah, “When I shall raise up David a branch of righteousness, and a Sovereign shall reign and act wisely, and shall do right-ruling and righteousness in the earth. ” In His days Yahudah (Judah) shall be saved, and Yisra’el  dwell safely. And this is His Name whereby He shall be called: Yahuah Tsidkenu (Righteous).”Yahuah our Righteousness” Yirmeyahu/Jeremiah 23:1-6

It is written “They worship Me in vain, teaching as teachings the commands of men.” Mattithyahu/Matthew 15:9 If we study to show ourselves approved, we will not be easily led astray by any wind of doctrine.

As you begin your study of the true doctrine of the Messiah, make sure to grab a Hebrew Lexicon or Strong’s Concordance. They are a good start of the breakdown of the Word of Elohim in the language He spoke to the children of Yisra’el. Quick note though, you can’t rely solely on those study tools. The oldest known Hebrew language found to man is Pictographic or Paleo Hebrew. The Strong’s or Lexicon’s may not be accurate on some cases due to it’s age. Check out our Bookstore & More page to find the study tools that you may need.

Happy studying!


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